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General Interview Questions:

1. Q. What does SQL stand for?  
   A. Structured Query Language

2. Q. What does Algol stand for?  
   A. Algorithmic Language

3. Q. What does ASCII stand for?  
   A. American standard code for information interchange

4. Q. What does BASIC stand for? 
   A. Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

5.  Q. What does Case stand for?
    A. Computer aided software engineering.

6.  Q. What does Cobol stand for?
    A. Common business oriented Language.

7.  Q. What does CORBA stand for?
    A. Common Object Request Broker Architecture.

8.  Q. What does CGI stand for?
    A. Common Gateway Interface.

9.  Q. What does DOS stand for?
    A. Disk Operating System.

10. Q. What does Fortran stand for?
    A. Common Object Request Broker Architecture.

11. Q. What does HTML stand for?
    A. Hypertext Markup Language.

12. Q. What does Lisp stand for?
    A. List Processor.

13. Q. What does RPG stand for?
    A. Report Program Generator

14. Q. What does grep() stand for? (Unix interview question)
    A. General Regular Expression Parser.

1. What build in types of loops do you know? (Vb) 1. For countvariable = start To end step 3 do_something Next countvariable 2. Nested Loops 3. Do While do_something Loop 4. Do Untill do_something Loop 5. While [expression] do_something Wend 2. What Decision statements do you know? 1. If ... Then... Else 2. Select Case 3. Q. What Relational Operators Do you know? (C) < is less than <= is less than or equal to == equal to >= is greater than or equal to > is greater than != is not equal to 4. Q. What is Relational operators used for? A. Relational operators used to compare data 5 Q. What for an incremented loop is best suited? A. An incremented loop is best suited when you need to repeat a certain procedure a known number of times 6 Q. What for a conditional loop is best suited? A. A conditional loop is best used when you need to repeat a certain procedure an unknown number of times 7. Q. What are the four basic types of data? A. strings, characters, real numbers, and integer numbers 8. Q. What for an assignment statement is used? A. An assignment statement is used to give a variable a value 9. Q. What is variable? A. A variable is a data object whose value can change during execution 10. Q. What is constant? A. A constant is a data object whose value cannot change. 11. Q. What is algorithm? A. An algorithm is a list of steps. 12. Q. What is logic? A. Logic is a system of reasoning 13. Q. What kind of services operating system provides? A. An operating system provides the following services: 1. Hardware management (interrupt handling, timer management) 2. Interprocess synchronization and communications 3. Process management 4. Resource allocation (scheduling, dispatching) 5. Storage management and access (I/O) 6. Memory management 7. File management 8. Protection of system and user resources

On this page I put some Programming Interview Questions. These Programming Interview Questions are very simple and mainly were used for interviewing software testers who is involved in grey box testing and automation. The interview questions found above are listed in order of complexity. However all new interview questions (regardless of there difficulty) will be added to the bottom of the list. You can find more Programming Interview Questions searching the WEB.
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