Types Of Software Testing Coverage.

Software testing - Types Of Testing Coverage
  1. Data coverage
  2. file, record locking coverage
  3. Zero handling coverage
  4. error message coverage
  5. Line coverage
  6. Branch coverage
  7. Path coverage
  8. Statement coverage
  9. Data Flow Coverage
  10. Race Conditions Coverage
  11. Loop coverage
  12. Boundary Values for all field coverage. (Every boundary for every variable.)
  13. Input character set coverage
  14. Function coverage
  15. Business module coverage.
  16. Condition Coverage
  17. Business Decision Coverage
  18. Business scenarios coverage
  19. Negative business scenario coverage
  20. End to end main scenario coverage

Testing Coverage from the book "Introduction To Software Testing" 
by Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt., 2008

Criterion Name 					Acronym Page Defined

Chapter 2
Node Coverage 					NC 	33
Edge Coverage 					EC 	34
Edge-Pair Coverage 				EPC 	35
Prime Path Coverage 				PPC 	35
Simple Round Trip Coverage 			SRTC 	36
Complete Round Trip Coverage 			CRTC 	36
Complete Path Coverage 				CPC 	36
Specified Path Coverage 			SPC 	36
All-Defs Coverage 				ADC 	48
All-Uses Coverage 				AUC 	48
All-du-Paths Coverage 				ADUPC 	48

Chapter 3
Predicate Coverage 				PC 	106
Clause Coverage 				CC 	106
Combinatorial Coverage 				CoC 	107
General Active Clause Coverage 			GACC 	109
Correlated Active Clause Coverage 		CACC 	109
Restricted Active Clause Coverage 		RACC 	110
General Inactive Clause Coverage 		GICC 	112
Restricted Inactive Clause Coverage 		RICC 	112
Implicant Coverage 				IC 	139
Unique True Point Coverage 			UTPC 	140
Corresponding Unique True Points 		CUTPNFP 142
Near False Point Coverage

Chapter 4
All Combinations Coverage 			ACoC 	160
Each Choice Coverage 				ECC 	160
Pair-Wise Coverage 				PWC 	161
T-wise Coverage 				TWC 	161
Base Choice Coverage 				BCC 	162
Multiple Base Choice Coverage 			MBCC 	162

Chapter 5
Terminal Symbol Coverage 			TSC 	172
Production Coverage 				PDC 	172
Derivation Coverage 				DC 	172
Mutation Coverage 				MC 	175
Mutation Operator Coverage 			MOC 	175
Mutation Production Coverage 			MPC 	175
Strong Mutation Coverage 			SMC 	178
Weak Mutation Coverage 				WMC 	179

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On this page I put some Types Of Software Testing Coverage for QA and testers. The Types Of Software Testing Coverage found above are not listed in any order of complexity.

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