Pragmatic Software Testing: Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional.

Table Of Contents and List of Figures and Tables of the book "Pragmatic Software Testing: Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional ", by Rex Black ., 2007

About the Author 
Part I: Goals, Strategies, and Tactics 
Chapter 1. What Does It Mean to Be Pragmatic? 
What Do Effective and Efficient Mean? 
What Effects Do You Want? 
What Is the Right Level of Efficiency? 
Five Phases of a Tester's Mental Life 
Other Founding Views on Testing 
Testing as a Form of Quality Risk Management 
So What Is the Test Team All About? 
Chapter 2. Triangle Test Exercise 
Exercise: The Triangle Test 
Your Solution for the Triangle Test 
Author's Triangle Test Solution 
Chapter 3. Aligning Testing with the Project 
Why Do Organizations Test? 
Perspectives on Testing 
Testing in Context 
Common Test Phases and Objectives 
Testing Throughout the Organization 
The V Model 
Evolutionary and Incremental Models 
The Spiral Model 
Regrettably Common Model: Code and Fix 
Testing Maintenance Releases 
System Integration 
Hardware/Software Development 
The Test Process 
Chapter 4. Understanding Test Strategies, Tactics, and Design 
Aligning Mission, Strategies, and Tactics 
Analytical Test Strategies 
Model-Based Test Strategies 
Methodical Test Strategies 
Process-Oriented Test Strategies 
Dynamic Test Strategies 
Philosophical Test Strategies 
Three Other Regression Strategies 
Tactics: Categories of Testing Techniques 
Strategic and Tactical Considerations 
The Test System 
Classic Principles for Test Design 
Phases of Test Development 
Synopsis of Test Strategies, Tactics, and Design 
Part II: Risk-Based Testing 
Chapter 5. Understanding Risks to System Quality 
Categories of Quality Risks 
Can You Think of Other Quality Risks? 
Chapter 6. Aligning Testing with Quality Risks 
Prioritize Risks to System Quality 
Testing, Customer Usage, and System Configurations 
Approaches for Quality Risks Analysis 
Informal Quality Risk Analysis 
Tips for Risk Analysis 
Challenges of Risk Analysis 
Chapter 7. Quality Risk Analysis Exercise 
My Solution 
Comments on My Solution 
A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Quality Risks... 
Bonus Exercise 
My Solution 
Comments on My Solution 
Bonus Example: Grays and Blues Quality Risk Analysis 
Part III: Static Testing 
Chapter 8. Reviews and Other Static Tests 
Testing Requirements and Designs 
Reviews Costs and Benefits 
Types of Reviews 
Reviews for Verification and Validation 
Reviews as a Way to Improve the Process, Improve the System, and Reduce Costs 
Answers to the Three Questions about Static Testing 
Reviews as a Way to Achieve Consensus and Understanding 
The Review Process, Roles, and Responsibilities 
Deliverables and Ground Rules from Reviews 
Common Requirements and Design Bugs 
Reviewing (and Testing) Documentation 
Other Static Tests 
Chapter 9. Review Exercise 
Your Solution 
My Solution 
Comments on My Solution 
Bonus Exercise: Reviewing Triangle Requirements Title Page 
The Requirements Bugs You Found 
My Solution: Requirements Bugs 
Comments on My Solution 
Part IV: Behavioral Testing 
Chapter 10. Equivalence Classes and Boundary Values 
Equivalence Partitioning 
Boundary Value Analysis 
Chapter 11. Equivalence Classes and Boundary Values Exercise 
Functional Boundaries and Classes 
My Solution and Comments 
Nonfunctional Boundaries and Classes 
Chapter 12. Use Cases, Live Data, and Decision Tables 
Use Cases and Scenario Tests 
Nouns and Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs 
Live Data and Customer Tests 
Decision Tables 
Chapter 13. Decision Table Exercise 
Decision Table Tests 
My Solution and Comments 
Decision Tables and Boundary Values 
My Solution and Comments 
Building a Decision Table for Testing 
My Solution and Comments 
Chapter 14. State Transition Diagrams 
Describing Systems with States Using State Transition Diagrams 
State Tables 
Printer Server State Transition Diagram 
Chapter 15. State Transition Diagram Exercise 
Kiosk States 
My Solution and Comments 
ATM State Models 
My Solution and Comments 
Grays and Blues and State Transition Diagrams 
My Solution and Comments 
Chapter 16. Domain Testing 
Combinatorial Explosions 
A Domain Example Using Frequent-Flyer Programs 
Possible Domain Test Values 
An Aerospace Example 
When Domain Rules Change 
Domain Analysis Summary 
Complex Domain Testing Example 
A General Rule for Complex Domains 
Chapter 17. Domain Testing Exercise 
My Solution and Comments 
Chapter 18. Orthogonal Arrays and All Pairs 
Combinatorial Explosions 
Orthogonal Arrays and All-Pairs Tables 
Two Orthogonal Arrays 
Selecting an Orthogonal Array 
Applying Orthogonal Arrays to a Complicated Real-World Example 
All-Pairs Tables 
Other Thoughts on Configuration Testing 
Chapter 19. Orthogonal Arrays Exercise 
My Solution and Comments 
Chapter 20. Reactive Testing 
General Facts about Reactive Tests 
Error Guessing, Attacks, and Bug Taxonomies 
Bug Hunting 
Exploratory Tests 
Other Sources of Inspiration for Reactive Testing 
Advantages and Disadvantages 
A Case Study of Exploratory Testing 
Part V: Structural Testing 
Chapter 21. Control-Flow Testing 
Code Coverage 
McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity 
Chapter 22. Control-Flow Testing Exercise 
My Solution and Comments 
Chapter 23. Data-Flow Testing 
Chapter 24. Data-Flow Testing Exercise 
My Solutions and Comments 
Chapter 25. Integration Testing 
Drivers and Stubs 
Integration Techniques 
Backbone Integration 
McCabe Basis Paths for Integration 
Enhanced Hex Converter Program 
Call Flow 
Chapter 26. Integration Basis Test Exercise 
My Solution and Comments 
Part VI: Appendices 
Appendix A. Omninet: The Internet Everywhere Marketing Requirements Document 
Section 1. Scope 
Section 2. Required release date 
Section 3. Description of requirements 
Appendix B. Omninet: The Internet Everywhere System Requirements Document 
Functionality System Requirements 
Reliability System Requirements 
Usability System Requirements 
Efficiency System Requirements 
Maintainability System Requirements 
Portability System Requirements 
Design Models 
Appendix C. Bibliography and Other Recommended Readings 
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