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  1. Question: How to open the command prompt?
    To open a command prompt window in Windows 2000 or XP, click Start | Run, type cmd in the box, and click OK.
  2. Question: How to find IP address of your connection?
    Go to start/run type 'cmd' then type 'ipconfig' Add the '/all' switch for more info.
  3. Question: How to verify connection to remote computer?
    Ping tool verifies connections to remote computers
    example: In cmd type c:>ping -t
    -t Ping the specified host until interrupted
    -a Resolve addresses to hostnames
  4. Question: How to find a path on the network from your PC that is running load test script to web server?
    Use Tracert Utility runs at the Command prompt. It will trace a path from you to the URL or IP address given along with the tracert command. Tracert determines the route taken to a destination by sending ICMP echo packets
  5. Question: How to find what ports are open on your system?
    In cmd type c:>netstat This command gives you a generic look at what ports are open on your system
  6. Question: What TCP/IP Settings are used on computer?
    Description of TCP/IP Settings that are used in network troubleshooting
    1. IP Address
    2. Subnet Mask
    3. Default Gateway
    4. DHCP Server
    5. DNS Servers
  7. Question: What is telnet?
    Telnet is a text based communication program that allows you to connect to a remote server over a network
    is the name or IP address of the remote server to connect to.
    is the port number of the service to use for the connection. The default is 23 (TELNET service).
  8. Question: How to find a network configuration of your PC?
    In cmd type c:> net config workstation
    the result displays a list of configurable services: computer name,user name, logon domain, domain DNS name.
  9. Question: How to find what program used as default for opening file .xyz
    In cmd type C:> assoc .xyz which program will open that .xyz file
  10. Question: How to change settings in command prompt?
    The first thing you'll want to do is Start, Run, cmd.exe, then right click the window menu and choose properties. Try the following values for improvement:
    Options | Command History | Buffer Size | 400
    Options | Command History | Discard Old Duplicates | True
    Options | Edit Options | QuickEdit Mode | True
    Layout | Screen buffer size | Height | 900
    Layout | Window size | Height | 40
  11. Question: How to start DirectX Diagnostic Tool ?
    To start the DirectX Diagnostic Tool: 1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    In the Open box, type dxdiag, and then click OK.
  12. Question: How to determine whether there is an issue with the DNS configuration of your connection to your ISP?
    At a command prompt, type ipconfig /all, and then press ENTER to display the IP address of your DNS server. If the IP address for your DNS server does not appear, you need contact your ISP.
  13. Question: What do you need to do that your browser will point URL to the internal IP address
    Make changes in the hosts file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
    The Hosts file is looked at first before going out to the DNS (Domain Name Service) servers.
    you have to put the following on new lines at the end of hosts file:
  14. Question: What can you suggest to enhance testing process on windows OS?
    Put shortcut to notepad.exe in SendTo folder. It is speed up work with different files like hosts, configuration files.
  15. Question: What is FTP?
    FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. This is the protocol used for file transfer over the Internet.

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