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If you have a good QA question from the professional test engineer's common body of knowledge, please e-mail it to me and I will add it.

I would like to cover the following topics:
  • Quality Principles and Software Quality management.
  • Software Metrics, Measurement and Analytical methods.
  • Software Process ( SDLC ) and change management.
  • Quality control.
  • Software inspection, validation, verification and audit.
  • Testing principles and concepts.
  • Test planning, test coverage and test metrics.
  • Defect tracking, correction and reporting.
  • Configuration Management.
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    1. Who mention that 'Quality is free '?
    (a) Philip Crosby
    (b) Genichi Taguchi
    (c) Edwards Deming
    (d) Joseph M. Juran

    2. QC is?
    (a) Preventive
    (b) Detective
    (c) Validation
    (d) Verification

    3.How many maturity levels that indicate process capability CMM has?
    (a) 5
    (b) 4
    (c) 6

    4.How many KPA (key process areas) CMM has?
    (a) 18
    (b) 20
    (c) 14

    5. What UML diagram is useful for black box testing?
    (a) Class Diagram
    (b) Sequence diagram
    (c) Object Diagram

    6. What type of tests is performed early in a software testing process?
    (a) White-box
    (b) Black-box
    (c) Grey-box

    7. Who mention "Top management is in charge of quality"?
    (a) Edwards Deming
    (b) Joseph M. Juran
    (c) Genichi Taguchi

    8. The program according requirements expects the uppercase letters from A to Z. Analyze the following inputs and choose one that can cause the failure with greater probability. Help �> character set is ASCII
    (a) 1, 0
    (b) @, [
    (c) B, W

    9. What kind of tools would you suggest to use for the automation of regression tests?
    (a) Static analysis tools
    (b) Capture and playback
    (c) Debugging tools

    10. Equivalence class partitioning is:
    (a) A black-box method that divides the inputs to a program into classes from which test cases can be derived
    (b) A white-box method that divides control paths into dependent and independent categories for testing
    (c) A black-box method that divides program functions into related groups for testing

    11. Which of the following best defines testing?
    (a) Testing is the process of proving that a system works according to specifications.
    (b) Testing is the process of proving that a system is error-free.
    (c) Testing is the process of locating errors.
    (d)Testing is the process of confirming that a system meets its objectives.

    12. Which of the following best defines walkthrough ?
    (a) A walkthrough as attesting technique whereby the system
    is subjected to huge loads of data over a short time
    (b)A walkthrough is a technique whereby a system is timed to see
    how long it takes the computer to walk through it to produce a result.
    (c) A walkthrough is a session during which the participants act out
    the role of the computer in order to find flaws in the system.
    (d)A walkthrough is a technique whereby a number of testers
    are given the system for black box testing.

    13.Which unit testing technique eliminates the need for writing drivers?
    (a) Top down testing
    (b) Bottom up testing
    (c) Big bang testing
    (d) Non incremental testing

    14.Which unit testing technique eliminates the need for writing stubs?
    (a) Top down testing
    (b) Bottom up testing
    (c) Big bang testing
    (d) Non incremental testing

    15. Who of the following is the least reliable person to test a program?
    (a) The developer who wrote the code
    (b) An independent agency
    (c) The testing department in the company that created the application
    (d) The developer who design the system

    16. Which of the following is non - incremental test?
    (a) Top-down testing
    (b) Bottom-up testing
    (c) Big bang testing
    (d) Stab testing

    17. What type of high order test subjects the system to large
    loads over a short period of time?

    (a) Volume testing
    (b) Stress testing
    (c) Usability testing
    (d) Security testing

    18. Which testing technique involves installing a system at a
    large number of user sites?

    (a) Alpha testing
    (b) Volume testing
    (c) Beta testing
    (d) Boundary value analysis

    19. At what stage of software development life cycle (SDLC) software errors are least costly to correct?
    (a) Requirements
    (b) Detail specification
    (c) Acceptance test
    (d) Maintenance

    20. What is the relationship between (QA) quality assurance and software testing?
    (a) QA is part of software testing process
    (b) Testing and QA are two different processes
    (c) Testing is part of QA process
    (d) Testing and QA are all the same thing

    21. Which of the following categories of costs associated with cost of quality?
    (1) Preventive, (2) Failure, and (3) Appraisal

    (a) Preventive only
    (b) All three from the above
    (c) Preventive and Appraisal
    (d) Preventive and Failure

    22. Identify which participant roles are used during a formal inspection?
    (1) Moderator, (2) Author/producer, (3) Reader, (4) Inspector, (5) Recorder

    (a) 1, 2 and 3
    (b) 2, 3 and 4
    (c) All 5 from the above
    (d) 4 and 5 only

    23.If you found during testing in the software project 70 bugs, you would state:
    (a) The code was poorly implemented.
    (b) You do not have enough information to make an opinion.
    (c) There is no statistical control for this project.
    (d) The software testing for this project was done.

    24. What are some of the common misconceptions during implementation of an automated testing tools for the first time?
    (a) Regression testing phase will be shortened.
    (b) Existing testing processes can be used and all testers will have the skills to learn the new tool
    (c) During a ramp-up period, testing will take longer.

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